Terms & Conditions


These are the Terms & Conditions under which a subscription for a premium brewery listings on CraftBru.com is offered.

If you cannot accept the Terms & Conditions, do not sign up for a subscription.


  1. What is a Subscription?
  2. Subscriptions will Auto-renew!
  3. How to cancel a Subscription?
  4. Refunds & Changes (spoiler: it’s non-refundable)
  5. Non-premium listings are the default

1. What is a Subscription?

A subscription is a monthly or yearly (depending on the option you choose) payment that unlocks premium benefits for brewery listings on CraftBru.com. From when you pay for the subscription, or the renewal of an existing subscription, until when it expires (23:59 on the eve of the renewal date), the subscription is deemed active.

An active subscription ads the benefit of expanded details to your brewery listing on CraftBru.com, which may include additional brewery details, images relating to the brewery and/or beer, contact details, cross-links, detailed descriptions, and other additional benefits which may be added from time to time.

If a subscription is not active, it will be considered inactive, in which case the listing it relates to will revert to a non-premium listing.

2. Subscriptions will Auto-renew!

You confirm that you’ve been informed that auto-renew of a subscription is ON by default. This means the subscription will renew automatically, without your intervention, by itself – each month (or if it’s a yearly subscription, each year) on the same day on which your subscription originally started. You can turn this feature off if you wish, from under the Subscriptions tab on your My Account page. Or, email us to request that we do this for you.

If a subscription is unpaid, either because auto-renew was off, or due to insufficient funds when a renewal is attempted, and the subscription becomes inactive, the subscription’s listing will revert to a non-premium listing for as long as the subscription remain unpaid and/or inactive.

3. How to cancel a Subscription?

If you wish to cancel a subscription, you can do so at any time from under the Subscription’s tab on your My Account page. Or, email us to request that we do this for you.

When you cancel a subscription, it immediately issues an instruction to not re-charge for the subscription, but the benefit of the subscription continues until the end of the current billing period.

For example, if your subscription renewed on 5 August, and you cancel it on 15 August, your subscription is valid until 4 September.

Once the billing period has ended, your listing will revert to a non-premium listing.

4. Refunds & Changes

Subscriptions are non-refundable, in whole or in part.

Switching from a monthly subscription to a yearly subscription, or from a yearly subscription to a monthly subscription, is not possible, except when the end of the subscription’s current billing cycle has been reached.

5. Non-premium listings are the default

All listing on CraftBru.com default to non-premium listings unless they fall under an active premium listing subscription.

What non-premium listings do and do not display is at the discretion of CraftBru.com, is not guaranteed and can change without notice. Non-premium listings might have minimal details, shorter descriptions, no images, and fewer cross-links to other content, in addition to not benefiting from various other features and benefits.

CraftBru.com is not affiliated with any brewery, brewery association, or festival, and does not claim to offer any benefits associated with such entities.