Terms & Conditions

We love beer, we love people who love beer and we’re excited about the adventures that lie in bringing the two together. We want to excel at and be known for what we offer, so we make every effort to meet and exceed the expectations of our Guests, offer value for money and conclude all our dealings in good faith.

For the avoidance of doubt, when you book with us, we accept your booking under the following terms and conditions:


    1. CraftBru (Pty) Ltd. (Company Registration Number 2017/351216/07) (“we”, “the Company”, “CraftBru”, “CraftBru Tours”) is a South African registered company trading as CraftBru Tours and based in Wemmershoek, South Africa.
    2. When you (“the Guest”, “Guests”) book a tour or other experience with CraftBru Tours you are accepting these Terms & Conditions (“T&Cs”) as a binding contract without alteration.
    3. The Booking Agent, or the person making the booking, is responsible for conveying these T&Cs to all parties participating in one of our tours, events or services and will be deemed to have accepted on behalf of all persons named in the booking.
    4. CraftBru Tours reserve the right to update or alter these T&Cs at any time, and it’s the Guest’s responsibility to familiarise themselves with it.
    5. The latest T&Cs will always be on the CraftBru Tours website (CraftBru.com), accessible via a link in the footer section of the site, and supersedes any previous versions. It is this page that appears when expanding the terms linked from the acceptance box on the Payment / Checkout page.

    1. Bookings can be made via our website, via email or via phone.
    2. Full payment is required to confirm a booking. Guests can pay via our online payment processor (currently PayFast), or by alternative arrangement provided prior contact with our office is established and arrangements made.
    3. Bookings are only confirmed once we have issued confirmation, which can only happen after full payment is received. We cannot be held responsible if the Guest’s intended arrangements becomes fully booked prior to us receiving full payment.
    4. All prices are quoted in South African Rand (ZAR).
    5. Prices displayed on our website supersede prices previously advertised.
    6. We reserve the right to, at any time and without notice, increase or decrease tour prices advertised.
    7. Once paid our tours are non-refundable and non-transferable.

    1. If the Guest has to cancel a tour, please notify us as soon as possible. The date of cancellation will be the day on which we received the Guest’s communication.
    2. Our cancellation and refund policy is as follow:
      1. 0 – 20 days before the tour: no refund;
      2. 21 – 60 days before the tour: 50% cancellation fee;
      3. 60 days or more before the tour: 10% cancellation fee;
    3. Our booking date change policy is as follow:
      1. 0 – 20 days before the tour: no transfer allowed;
      2. 21 or more days before the tour: R300 per person transfer fee (subject to availability);
    4. For the avoidance of confusion, the day on which the tour is scheduled is Day 0.

    1. Due to operational requirements, safety concerns or any circumstances beyond our control, CraftBru Tours reserve the right to change or cancel tours.
    2. Because of weather, traffic and other variables, arrival and departure times on itineraries are indicative and cannot be guaranteed.
    3. All our tours, except private/bespoke tours, require a minimum of four (4) Guests to commence. If the minimum number is not reached, we reserve the right to change or cancel any booking.
    4. If we do cancel a tour, we endeavour to do the following:
      1. re-book Guests for another date or tour (subject to availability);
      2. transfer the booking to another person;
      3. refund payment;

    1. Refunds will not be issued, except in accordance with these T&Cs, or as agreed in writing by CraftBru Tours.
    2. Refunds will only be given through the Guest’s initial channel of booking. If a Guest dealt with a Booking Agent, the refund will be through them. Otherwise, if booked directly with CraftBru Tours, the refund will be from us.

    1. CraftBru Tours are available for private tours, corporate charters and other special events. Please contact us for more information.

    1. From time to time we may offer discounts or special promotions, places of which would be limited either by promotional parameters or availability.
    2. Discounts or promotions do not apply to existing bookings and cannot be used in conjunction with any other discounts or promotions.
    3. We reserve the right to discontinue promotions at any time without notice.

    1. We welcome passengers with special needs. Please advise us in advance of any physical, medical or other requirements, as not all vehicles and locations may have the necessary facilities or access.

    1. During our tours we visit working breweries, which have health and safety requirements, such as wearing closed shoes. Flip-flops / sandals are not allowed on some brewery floors, and are discouraged on our tours.
    2. By booking with us the Guest acknowledge that our tours involve inherent risks that may not be present in other tours. These risks include, but are not limited to, the possibility of injury or death, loss or damage to property, psychological trauma, inconvenience and discomfort.
    3. We strongly advise against driving or operating machinery after one of our tours.

    1. CraftBru Tours do not condone or promote excessive or binge drinking. Our tours focus on the appreciation of the brewing process, and enjoying the quality of beer rather than the quantity.
    2. Guests must, at all times, be aware of and manage their limitations.
    3. Should the safety and enjoyment of Guests be jeopardised in any way, our Driver / Guides are authorised to warn, refuse further alcohol service or disembark unruly Guests.
    4. Guests will be held liable for the cost of any damage caused during a tour to either the property owned or rented by CraftBru Tours, or that of the venues we visit.
    5. Smoking is not permitted in, near or immediately before boarding a CraftBru Tours vehicle, and is otherwise only allowed in designated smoking areas.
    6. We are not responsible for the conduct of any third party, venues or suppliers.
    7. We accept no responsibility for your actions, prior, during or after our tour terminates.

    1. The Person in Charge is the authority on the tour and must be adhered to at all times.
    2. By booking with us, Guests agree be bound by the decisions and leadership of the Person in Charge.
    3. This includes any decision about the continued participation of Guests on activities that make up part of the tour.
    4. Should any Guest fail to comply with a decision made by the Person in Charge, or otherwise interfere with the well-being or safety of Guests, the Person in Charge reserves the right to terminate this contract and order the Guests to leave the tour immediately.
    5. Should a Guest’s contract be terminated before the end of the tour and they are asked to leave the tour, or refused to board our transport, alternative transport will be at the Guest’s own expense.
    6. In any event, the Guest will be without any recourse to compensation, or a refund for all or part of the tour.

    1. Should Guests be late or missing from part of the tour, we will make a reasonable attempt to locate them.
    2. We accept no responsibility for Guests who miss any part of the tour for any reason, and in such an event further/return transport will be at their own expense.
    3. This includes, but is not limited to, Guests failing to meet at the agreed pickup locations at the stipulated times, or Guests leaving the pickup location in the event that our transport is delayed.
    4. Our transport will depart as per the scheduled itinerary and cannot wait for late Guests, however, due to variables such as weather, traffic and events out of our control, itinerary times are indicative and cannot be guaranteed.
    5. We reserve the right to alter any part of the tour as circumstances dictate, without prior notice to Guests. We endeavour to communicate any significant changes in a timely manner, but are not liable for any changes and are not required to offer any refunds as a result of any changes.
    6. No refunds will be given if Guests fail to show for all or part of the tour.

    1. The Guest consents to us using images, photos and videos of them taken during the trip, for advertising and promotional purposes in any medium we choose. The Guest grants us a perpetual, royalty-free, worldwide, irrevocable license to use such imagery for publicity and promotional purposes.

    1. The Guest releases CraftBru Tours from all sums of money, accounts, claims, actions, proceedings, demands and expenses which the client at any time may have against us for or by reason or in respect of any act, cause, matter or thing.
    2. The Guest indemnifies CraftBru Tours against:
      1. All liabilities incurred by CraftBru Tours,
      2. All losses incurred by CraftBru Tours,
      3. All costs actually payable by CraftBru Tours to its own legal representatives (whether or not under a costs agreement) and other expenses incurred by CraftBru Tours in connection with a demand, action, arbitration or other proceeding (including mediation, compromise, out of court settlement or appeal), arising directly or indirectly as a result of or in connect with any act or omission of the Guest.

    1. If a Booking Agent sells any tickets or vouchers on behalf of CraftBru Tours, the Booking Agent indemnifies us against:
      1. All liabilities incurred by CraftBru Tours,
      2. All losses incurred by CraftBru Tours,
      3. All costs actually payable by CraftBru Tours to its own legal representatives (whether or not under a costs agreement) and other expenses incurred by CraftBru Tours in connection with a demand, action, arbitration or other proceeding (including mediation, compromise, out of court settlement or appeal), arising directly or indirectly as a result of or in connect with any acts or omission of the Booking Agent.

    1. We may use our absolute discretion in exercising any of the rights granted to us pursuant to these T&Cs.
    2. No relaxation or indulgence will constitute a waiver of these T&Cs and both parties remain entitled to their rights as ascribed to them in terms hereof, despite not insisting on them at any given time.
    3. Should any of the T&Cs be deemed to be invalid or null and void as determined by a court of law, the rest of the provisions will remain in full force and in effect, the same as if the former had not been included.

    1. The T&Cs of this agreement and supporting documents will be governed by the Laws of South Africa and shall be enforceable within the Republic of South Africa and its Courts.
    2. The parties hereby consent to the jurisdiction of the Magistrates Court of South Africa in respect of any action or proceedings which may be brought, provided that CraftBru Tours shall be entitled to bring proceedings in the High Court, where such proceedings would, but for the aforegoing, be beyond the jurisdiction of the Magistrates Court and can do so at their own election.
    3. No responsibilities, rights or obligations in terms of these T&Cs can be assigned or ceded by the Guest to a third party.
    4. Should CraftBru Tours be prevented from carrying out any of its obligations in terms of this agreement due to causes beyond its control, we shall not be held liable to continue with our obligations while the causes persist and further more shall not be held liable for any delays or losses or damages, which may be incurred as a result.
  18. CraftBru (Pty) Ltd

    1. Company registered in South Africa, Number 2017/351216/07. Registered office: 51 Tinktinkie Laan, De Hollandsche Molen, 7690, Wemmershoek, South Africa.