Sophiatown Hefewiezen

By Frontier Beer Co

Frontier Beer Co’s Sophiatown Hefeweizen should be enjoyed as it was intended; in all it’s cloudy, yeasty glory. Allow its subtle flavours of bready clove spice, hints of banana and citrus, to dance on your palate.

Sophiatown Hefeweizen has a cloudy, yellow appearance with a pillowy head.

Clove spice and banana bread are apparent on the nose. There’ssubtle wheat bite, clove-like phenolics and muted banana on the palate, yeast and delicious. The mouthfeel is light and fluffy.

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Revel in the legendary spirit of Sophiatown, captured in this sexy balace of flavour and light refreshment. Go on, get your groove on.

Malts:Pale, Wheat
Yeast: WLP300 bavarian hefeweizen liquid yeast
Hops: Southern Promise
Vol: 340ml