Karma Citra IPA

By Frontier Beer Co

Frontier Beer Co’s Karma Citra IPA is an India Pale Ale in modern, juicy style.

Fermented with a hop-enhancing liquid-yeast strain, Karma Citra is dry-hopped and unfiltered, presenting a slight haze and soft mouthfeel.

The beer is orange in colour, slightly hazy with a sticky white head. The aroma is apricot, grapefruit, orange and notes of blueberry.

Karma Citra IPA’s nose follows through to the palate. You get stone fruits, grape fruit and a juicy tropical character. There’s a thread of woody pine from the Amarillo hop’s high mycrene content, which prevents Karma Citra from being a total fruit-bomb. It finishes short, dry and bittering, demanding another sip.

Karma Citra IPA is light in the mouth, and drying.

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Time for a hoppy ending. No place here for inhibition. Assume your favourite position and enjoy the ride.

Malts: Pale, Melanoidin
Yeast: WLP001 liquid yeast
Hops: Southern Promise, Amarillo, Mosaic, Citra
ABV: 5.3%
Vol: 340ml
IBU: 40