The Farmhouse Saison

By Frontier Beer Co

Frontier Beer Co’s The Farmhouse Saison is a Belgian farmhouse ale, a great Franco-Belgian all-rounder.

The Farmhouse Saison is  a storied style of beer that draws most of its character from an enigmatic yeast.

Frontier Beer Co.’s The Farmhouse Saison is fermented with a champion liquid saison yeast, isolated from Wallonia in Belgium.

It famously produces a complex array of earthy spices, fruitiness and a slight tartness.

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Karoo. Dry, complex, engaging, rejuvenating. Rustic farmhouse charm. Saison.

Malts: Barley, wheat
Yeast: –
Hops: –
ABV: 5.1%
Vol: 340ml
IBU: –


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