Add a Festival


Why should your craft beer festival or event be on our South African Craft Beer Festivals list?

Because you want people who are interested in beer to learn about your event?

People who are interested in beer visit this site. By their thousands. Every month.

I’m working on automating the process, but in the meantime, once you’ve purchased this product, I’ll send you an email with the requirements for your listing. It should be pretty fast, unless you’re doing this in the dead of night.



Still reading? Sjoe, it’s almost as if you’re thinking of marketing you event. Good for you!

Look, the front-page of South African Craft Beer Festivals is admittedly a little quiet, but go ahead and google ‘craft beer festivals south africa’ and see what you get. The actual listing page is just a handy menu link; the power lies in being on with an upcoming date.

How does your festival get exposure?

  • It appears on the South African Craft Beer Festivals list. Meh.
  • It’s potentially seen by an average of 2,487 unique monthly visitors, and that’s just on this site;
  • Your festival listing also appears in Google (not guaranteed, but I’m on a roll) and other search engines (what?);
  • We post your festival listing to our Facebook (Lies! We’re not on Facebook anymore), Pinterest & Twitter* accounts;
  • Your festival shares a reciprocal link with breweries participating in your festival (if we list them);

* Exposure on social media is a benefit for as long as that social media account exists. Due to privacy concerns, yours and ours, we’re not on Facebook anymore, and Google Plus has gone the way of MySpace.

Each individual listing could also include:

  • Festival contact, phone number and location;
  • Links to the festival’s social media properties;
  • Links to the festival’s ticket merchant;
  • Ticket prices, festival features and other info;
  • Showcase of South African craft breweries at your festival (if we list them);
  • A location map and links for directions to Google Maps;

In the big scheme of money spent vs. the quality of audience reached, our fee is negligible, and barely covers the time spent on creating a new listing, never mind maintaining this site. It’s a once-off, per event charge. After your event, it falls off the Festival page, but your listing itself can always be accessed directly, sans the date and ticket details.

If that makes sense to you, congratulate yourself for realising that marketing is a necessity, not a luxury, and then get in touch.

The further in advance your event is listed, the more exposure it gets, so dilly-dally at your peril.