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Why should your craft beer festival or event be on our South African Craft Beer Festivals list?

We served more than 117,000 pages to the readers of over the last 12 months, and because our site is laser focused on craft beer, all those readers were here for the beer.

Get your festival in front of those readers today. Find out more below how this cost-effective exposure will benefit your event.




As part of our South African Craft Beer Festivals list, you’ll benefit from exposure to thousands of monthly visitors, thirsty for knowledge about craft breweries and craft beer events in South Africa.

Each individual listing includes:

♦ Festival contacts, including phone number and location;
♦ Links to the festival social media properties;
♦ Links to the festival ticket merchant / QR code;
♦ Ticket prices, features and other info;
♦ A showcase of the South African breweries/brands at your festival;
♦ A location map and links for directions to Google Maps;

How does your festival get exposure?

♦ When added we send out a post each on our Facebook & Twitter accounts;
♦ We also post it to our Google Plus & Pinterest accounts, for what it’s worth;
♦ Your festival appears on the list of South African Craft Beer Festivals;
♦ Your linked-logo appears in the Festival section of each brewery attending your festival (if we list them).

The fee is once-off and per event occurence. Even after your event is over an no longer on the list, the listing can still be accessed directly.

If you want to take advantage of the above, fill out this form. When we receive it, we’ll send you and invoice and, once paid, it will be published. The further in advance your event gets listed, the more exposure it gets.