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Add an Expanded Listing for your craft brewery on CraftBru's list of South African Craft Breweries, or upgrade an existing basic listing, and benefit from exposure to thousands of monthly visitors, thirsty for knowledge about craft beer in South Africa.

A Expanded Listing for your brewery offers the following benefits:

♦ A highlighted logo linked from our Breweries Page;
♦ Priority placing above basic listings;
♦ Your brewery's features and info;
♦ Your brewery's story;
♦ Your logo appears in showcase areas of expanded festivals we list that you're attending;
♦ In turn, those festivals appear on your listing, letting fans know where to taste your brews;

As an optional extra (RQ), Expanded Listing (like what we did for Basset Breweries) can also include a showcase of your beers too. Each beer gets their own info page too.

Get started now. I'll send you a questionnaire for the info needed for your listing. Or, if you want to ask a question or chat first, use the contact form, and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.


If you want to upgrade an existing, basic listing or add a new, Expanded Listing on CraftBru’s list of South African Craft Breweries, you can maximise your exposure on arguably the most complete, well-visited South African craft beer focused resources on the Internet.

The web site is fast loading to put your information squarely in front of beer-curious visitors, giving them the South African craft beer information they want.

When you sign up, I’ll contact you with the details needed to get you online. Your listing goes live 3 days after you send me your info.