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Craft Breweries in Cape Town

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Craft Breweries in Cape Town are flourishing unabated, and with more breweries and brands than any other city in the country, it can shamelessly claim the title as South Africa’s Craft Beer Capital.

Even zooming in on the City Bowl itself, near the heart of Cape Town’s central business district, there are plenty of breweries just a short drive away. Below we’ve filtered our list of breweries to only show breweries 7km or closer to town. For many more further out of Cape Town, see the Western Cape page.

These breweries are within 12km, as the crow flies, from the centre of Cape Town. There are more brewing facilities and beer brands in town, but this list is for the beer tourist who wants to visit the brewery to taste the beer and see where it’s brewed on the premises.

No pic? Oh, beer!

Distance: 3.48km

Woodstock Brewery is located in the suburb of the same name, just a hop, skip and jump from Cape Town's city centre.

Distance: 4.61km

Shackleton Brewing Company is now to be found in Salt Orchard in Salt River, just a hop and a skip from the center of Cape Town, South Africa.

Distance: 5km

Boston Breweries in Cape Town, South Africa was officially founded in September 2000. The earliest incarnation of their brewery was a 100 litre brewing system, which they quickly outgrew.

Distance: 6.48km

Hoghouse Brewing Co's brewery is based in Ndabeni on the outskirts of Cape Town. Their beers are tapped directly from a custom-made cold room that sits below the serving taps, ensuring the freshest beer possible.

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