Draft liquor act amendmend bill

Liquor Amendment Bill Summary

The draft Liquor Amendment Bill (which will become the Liquor Amendment Act, 2016 should it go through) was published on 30 September 2016 with a 30-day window for comments from the public.

A list of homebrewing clubs in South Africa - CraftBru Tours

Homebrewing Clubs

Scratch the itch of a craft beer bug bite, by joining a homebrewing club. But where oh where in South Africa can you find such a thing? Your Brother in Beer went digging.

Robust Porter Tasting, from the CraftBru Homebrewing Anals

My Home-brewed Robust Porter Tasting

After much of almost exclusively my own anticipation, I finally cracked opened one the recently-brewed Robust Porters for a tasting. Aside from the fact that it’s the first dark beer I’ve ever brewed, it’s also my first all-grain result.

Get to know ALL the beers

Mission: Craft Beer

A good 5 months after realising that I will be returning from overseas to a craft brew market that has exploded since I last visited, I’m ready to publicise my ongoing beer adventure. craftbru.com is a blog, I’m not ashamed to admit, that will document my travels through the world of South African beer.