Innis & Gunn

Edinburgh, Scotland

Innis & Gunn is craft beer of Scottish origin, brewed in the centre of Scotland in Perthshire.

Known for their barrel aged beers, Innis & Gunn has their origins in 2002 when founder Dougal GUnn Sharp was tasked with the creation of a beer, but not for drinking, but rather for the beer to impart a sweet, malty flavour into barrels, which would then be used to age spirits.

And that’s how it started, and since 2003 Innis & Gunn is known for flavour packed, barrel aged beer, in 2013 joined by a lager and later also an IPA.

Innis & Gunn arrived in South Africa in the middle of 2014 and quickly gained a foothold as an international participant in the booming local craft beer scene.