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Devil’s Peak Brewing Company

166 Gunners Circle, Epping, Western Cape, South Africa

Devil’s Peak Brewing Company is one of South Africa’s craft behemoths, and operates from what is arguably the country’s biggest craft brewery, in Epping just outside of Cape Town.

Their previous brewery in Woodstock is now just a restaurant and taproom, and joins the ranks of a series of restaurants also operated by Devil’s Peak Brewing Company.

Part of the huge installation in Epping is Afrofunk, a segregated sour facility housing a sizeable barrel-aging program. Devil’s Peak original brewing system and tanks are still in use, and can be seen on the brewery floor, eclipsed by the shear scale of the new equipment.

Devil’s Peak Brewing Company increasingly partners with other brewers and brews in partnership with or on contract for a growing number of brands including Alpha, Little Wolf, Mitchell’s from Knysna, St Francis Brewing Co, Fokof Lager, and Ukhamba Beerworx.

They also brew local versions of beer from Norway’s Amundsen Brewery, Denmark’s Mikkeler and Scotland’s Fierce Beer.

  • +27 21 200 5818
  • Tap Room
  • Off Sales
  • Brewery Tours
  • Serves Food

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