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Jungle Beer

Barefoot Brewing Company Pvt. Ltd., #04-27, FoodXchange, Singapore

The story of Jungle Beer starts with 3 friends, Adi, Jonathan and John, who met while studying in Hawaii, the met again for a reunion in Bali where they pondered the idea of brewing great beer in Singapore.

Needless to say, their pondering turned to action and Jungle Beer was born.

Now, quite some distance from the nearest jungle, Jungle Beer brews staples such as American Pale Ale, Orchard Road Wheat Beer, Mange & Rose Tropical Wheat, English Pale Ale and a Porter.

Uniquely Singaporean beers add 2 more to their lineup in the shape of Pink Guava & Soursop Tropical Wheat and, as much a reference to the Singaporean psyche as it is to its high ABV, Kiasu Stout.

Reading the bio’s of The Team, you quickly realise the people behind Jungle Beer is as much fun as their beers.

Although (it appears) the brewery is not open to the public on a day-to-day basis, they do host afree-flow once a month. Yes, that’s a free-flow of beer, once a month. Email the good people at Jungle Beer for more details.