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AdstraGold Microbrewery

417 / 419 East Coast Rd, SingaporeSingapore

Best not to judge this quaint, but busy little AdstraGold Microbrewery by their website.

The family owned craft brewery and bistro has been around since 2010 with mixed reviews littering the Internet, although the tide seem to be swaying towards the better, especially recently.

AdstraGold Microbrewery says they server 10+ craft beers and a menu which is designed by the chef to pair well with the beers, which sounds promising.

Located in an off-the-tourist-path part of Singapore, which the website describes as alaid-back neighbourhood, AdstraGold Microbrewery could offer a slice of local Singaporean life with their hand crafted beer.


  • +65 6345 3378
  • Tap Room
  • Off Sales
  • Brewery Tours
  • Serves Food