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The Monastery

976 Veteran's Driver, Lahug, Cebu City, Philippines

The Monastery is a food and entertainment venue that brews their own beer in Cebu City, Philippines.

Previous called The Outpost, The Monastery is the new life given to an old house and consists of large spaces, most of which are open, and is geared towards enjoying live music, a variety of local and foreign cuisines and, of course, The Monastery’s own craft beer.

The Monastery currently brews and serves 2 of their own craft beers, the Buddha Blonde Lager and the White Lady White Beer, but they have plenty of taps.

At least one of the taps is filled with a rather tasty San Miquel Pilsen and, if you’re lucky, the others might be occupied by brews of one or more of Cebu’s other craft breweries.

Aside from the beer, The Monastery has an extensive menu of food that includes pizzas, pastas, a few local favourites, Jamaican, Mexican and a few other surprises.

The Monastery’s own craft beer sells for PHP55 and PHP85 respectively, San Miquel for PHP70 and other craft beers from PHP130 upwards. The food prices vary, but a pizza is upwards from PHP200 (as at May, 2015).

  • +63 32 520 9977
  • Tap Room
  • Off Sales
  • Serves Food
  • Outside Seating
  • Other Activities