Bogs Brew

Bacolod, Negros Island, Philippines

Bog’s Brew is based in Bacalod on the island of Negros in the Philippines and produces, as far as I can tell, 2 beers by the name of Bogsbrew and Primo.

Both beers utilises the ingredient for which Negros is famous for: muscovado sugar. In spite of this, Primo is classified as ‘an all grain brew‘, but corn and rice also counts as grain on this bill.

Perhaps, for the pure craft beer lover, Bog’s Brew uses various contentious ingredients:“malted barley, organic rice, corn, Negros Island muscovado sugar, wild bee honey, flavor and aroma hops, sugar adjunct, yeast and natural mountain spring water”.

The particular brew I had, Kawayan Ale, also has bamboo as an ingredient and delivered a slightly tart, drinkable beer, which did a good job of quelling the heated Manila afternoon. As with the other Philippine craft breweries, it appears that Bog’s Brew’s brewery itself is not open to the public. Their beers are available in Metro Manila and beyond though.

  • Felix Hagad