Craft Beer Festivals in South Africa

If you’ve visited the About Us page you may have noticed that CraftBru was established in 2012 during the research phase of a trip to South Africa. As the infrastructure for indexing breweries were already in place, finding breweries and home-brew supplies became part of our travel planning. We try to keep that tradition alive, the fruits of labour below.

  • South Africa

    Craft brewing has exploded in South Africa and more breweries are opening nearly every month.

  • Philippines

    Relatively new in the Philippines, craft beer has quietly crept onto the scene and palates of the beer drinking public.

  • Singapore

    Singapore has an active home-brewing community, and craft breweries since at least 1997 when Brewerkz opened.

  • Vietnam

    Vietnam is no stranger to homemade beer and with the influx of small breweries the scene is getting interesting.

  • Swaziland

    The Kingdom of Swaziland enters the craft brewing fray with their first brewery.

  • Hong Kong

    Hong Kong has a surprisingly long history of craft beer which is getting more attention with a growing festival scene to boot.

  • United Kingdom

    Too many to list probably, but I’ll give it a go.