Search for South African craft beer near you

Search For Craft Beer Near You

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I feel like I say this every time I say something, but it’s true, the number of South African craft breweries keep growing. The list is still CraftBru’s pride and joy, but large lists are less useful for quickly determining what’s nearby…

To address that problem, we’ve created the searchable map below. Use it to search for craft beer breweries near you by town, city or area, and within a 10 – 50km radius. In the first phase we’ll focus on breweries that you can visit to enjoy the beer.

The map is actively being tweaked, so if you have issues with how it looks or the results it shows you, or other comments, feel free to ping me via the contact page.


While using this map to search for craft beer near you, you might not see all the brands on the map that you’l find on the list. That’s because there’s a fair few contract-brewed beers, or brands in their own right that don’t (yet) have their own breweries.

The following phases might include other sources for your favourite craft beer brands, including bottle shops and craft beer restaurants.

In the meantime, keep drinking craft.

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