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A good 5 months after realising that I will be returning from overseas to a craft brew market that has exploded since I last visited, I’m ready to publicise my ongoing beer adventure. is a blog, I’m not ashamed to admit, that will document my travels through the world of South African beer.

Through it, perhaps, more beer drinkers will also discover the the ever-growing variety of beers available in our beautiful land, and realise life is too short to drink meh beer.

Get to know ALL the beers

For the last 3 months I’ve been constructing this blog and putting in long hard hours aggregating all the craft beer information I could get my hands on, but the really hard work is tasting and making notes about the breweries’ beer.

The brewery listis 54 long (and not yet complete) and if each brewery has only 2 beers on offer, that’s over 100 beers to sample. However, many of the breweries have more than just 2 beers, so I suspect I might be tasting for a while to come yet.

What an adventure!

So here it is, April 17 and CraftBru has been released into the wild. Cheers to that!

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