Brew Number 6

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Saturday is brew day. #LockdownDay58!? Brew number 6, skipped last weekend, so running low. Redoing the SMASH recipe with different everything – malt, hops and yeast. But first, we clean.

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Casualty 😭 Not sure if it’s a bad omen or heralding a smashing brew… This @TempestBrewers glass has been with me for a long time and is exceedingly well travelled. RIP.

Onwards. 1.2kg of Best Pale Ale, 8g of Summit and the Nottingham yeast recovered from Brew No. 5.

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The grains are in for a soak to loosen up those malty sugars.


40 mins in the WonderBag will keep it nice and toasty, then it’s back to the stove for a step up in temps and mash out.

Raising the temps for the mash-out. 10 mins at temp, and then the grains get rinsed to clean off that sugary goodness.

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A watched pot never b…. oh, it does.


A tad under 2kg of spent grain is left over after the sparge. Most of the sugars have been rinsed away, drying it for use in baked goods has been too energy intensive, so it goes in the bin. If only I had a pet goat…

Spent Grain
Where a goat when you need one?

Post boil hydrometer reading is a couple of notches below target. If it stayed in the fermenter as long as it should, it would end up with an ABV of 5%.
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Alreet, did my part, now it’s up to the yeast. Live long and prosper, yeasties!

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Yeasties in a hurry! Energized by oxygen in the wort, they feast on sugars, and leave behind alcohol and CO2 as they party. Good! Good.

#LockdownBrew #LockdownSA

Quick beer is OK beer, but slow beer is so much better beer. Need to revisit my my notes, because something went very, very right with this one. Juicy, fragrant, deliciously bitter and expectionally gulpable. Damn you tiny 4.5L fermenter.

Willy glass filled with juicy, cloudy, hoppy IPA'ish SMASH brewed beer, on a kitchen counter.

Originally tweeted by (@CraftBru) on 23 May 2020.