South African Craft Beer Festivals in December

South African Craft Beer Festivals in December

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December used to be a bit of a barren month for craft beer festivals. Sure it’s summer, and yes it’s holidays, but many businesses close for the year end break and people migrate en mass for holiday. Faced with those extra obstacles a beer festival in December becomes more than the usual challenge. That said, the few festivals that have establish themselves are reaping the rewards.

Below are festivals that have taken place in December in previous years, but isn’t necessarily confirmed for this year yet. Click through to the individual festival listings pages for more info, if there is any.

Cape Town Festival of Beer, Western Cape, South Africa -

Cape Town Festival of Beer

Possibly South Africa’s biggest festival, if not by number of people then surely by number of breweries, Cape Town Festival of Beer used to be the mainstay of November festivals, until last year when it moved into December. It continued it’s successful run and we look forward to confirmation of the 2018 dates.

Mocktober Beer Fest, The Barns Mosselbay, South Africa

Mocktober Craft Beer Festival

Probably less of a craft beer festival than a festival that features craft beer, the Mocktober Craft Beer Festival nevertheless brings craft beer to the garden route, and just in time for Chirstmas too. Since 2016 Mossel Bay’s craft beer producer, South Cape Breweries, has quenched the thirsts of parched holiday makers during this festival and we wait with bated breath for confirmation of the when and where of Mocktober Festivals 2018.

Black Oystercatcher Beer Festival, Cape Aghullas

Black Oystercatcher Beer Festival

The Black Oystercatcher Beer Festival was another one that had it’s December debut in 2016, but we’re note entirely sure whether it had an encore in 2017. So far in 2018 there’s no word oF a repeat for this December either, but it might have been replaced b the On Tap At The Tip Festival scheduled to take place at the same venue, but in August.

Hermanus Craft Beer Festival, Western Cape, South Africa

Hermanus Craft Beer Festival

Strategically placed to take advantage of a not-insignificant amount of holiday traffic, the Hermanus Craft Beer Festival has been on the calendar for 2 years running. Mere days before Christmas, it’s tapped into a thirsty market that has attracted enough brewers to probably make another comeback in 2018.

Beers & Gears Festivals, Willowbridge Shopping Centre, Bellville, South Africa

Willowbridge Beers & Gears Festival

Last seen in 2016, Willowbridge Beers & Gears Festival was hosted by Willowbridge Shopping Centre in Tygervalley, Bellville. It’s first run in 2015 was repeated in 2016 with the fairly standard offerings of craft beer, wine, food and some music entertainment.

For beer festivals at other times of the year, keep you eye on our South African Craft Beer Festivals page.

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