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Jaco Swanepoel

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A traveler since 1998, Jaco only discovered craft beer, and subsequently home-brewing, during a trip to Singapore in 2009. While planning a trip home in 2012 he noticed South Africa's burgeoning craft beer scene. He started to plan for an epic craft beer adventure and established CraftBru.com to plot his beer discoveries and adventures online. He actively spreading the craft beer gospel ever since.

All the parts required for making a DIY Mash Tun - hose connector not used

Build a Mash Tun for All Grain Brewing

The inevitability of drinking lots of beer, and possibly also growing facial hair, is that sooner or later you’re going to want to craft your own beer. My South African craft beer adventure is about to include brewing all grain beer, but first I need some equipment.

Get to know ALL the beers

Mission: Craft Beer

A good 5 months after realising that I will be returning from overseas to a craft brew market that has exploded since I last visited, I’m ready to publicise my ongoing beer adventure. craftbru.com is a blog, I’m not ashamed to admit, that will document my travels through the world of South African beer.