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New South African Craft Breweries added to CraftBru.com in August 2021

It’s been a rough couple of of years and, sadly, the list of South African craft breweries on CraftBru.com has contracted quite a bit. It’s thus with joy that I post of new(ish) South African Craft Breweries that were added to the list of breweries in August 2021. Long may they live and be followed by many more. Kimberley Diamong …

Brew Number 6

Saturday is brew day. #LockdownDay58!? Brew number 6, skipped last weekend, so running low. Redoing the SMASH recipe with different everything – malt, hops and yeast. But first, we clean. #LockdownBrew #homebrewed Casualty 😭 Not sure if it’s a bad omen or heralding a smashing brew… This @TempestBrewers glass has been with me for a long time and is exceedingly …

Brew Number 5

With a ripe pineapple (and slightly overripe grapefruit) lying in wait, I was primed to brew with fruit today. But then @BeerLabSA chewed through their backlog of orders like a 1st post-lockdown pizza and voila! Fresh, proper ingredients. #LockdownBrew 🧵 A wee step up from the SMASH from the last few weekend, but just a slight variation on the theme. …

Lockdown Brew Number 3 Ingredients

Brew Number 3

#QuartineBrew No.3 – SMASH, using the last of my supplies; ale malt, Southern Promise, bread yeast. Doing just a single step mash today. Put to bed at 64.5C in the awesome @WonderbagSA, which does an incredible job of holding temps. This time the mash is in there for 75 mins, so let's see how it holds… 75 mins later and …

Basic Setup for Small-batch Homebrewing

Basic Setup for Small-batch Homebrewing

I haven’t brewed in a little over a year, and it took being confined to home (and yes, running out of beer) to fall in love with my basic setup for small-batch homebrewing again. Turns out my current kitchen, and a few non-brewing bits and bops we acquired over the last year, has made brewing considerably easier than I remember. …

Spent Grain Bread baked with the Mellerware Ma Baker Bread Maker

Spent Grain Bread Recipe for the Mellerware Bread Maker

The world is upside down and I’m, like no doubt many South Africans and people across the globe, extremely anxious. But apparently my creative factory is powered by angst, so over the last couple of weeks I’ve been brewing, baking and blogging again. Look for the recipe and not the blah-blah-blah? Harsh, but fair. Click here to skip to the …

A round-up of South Africa's Lightest craft beers.

South Africa’s Lightest Craft Beers

Whether you’re on a health kick and cutting back your alcohol, or playing it safe because you’re driving, or perhaps you’re just over forty; whatever your reason for keeping it light, there’s a strong case to be made for low alcohol beer. Here we’ve corralled South Africa’s top (bottom?) lightest craft beers.

Garagasta Beer Co, For Sale May

For Sale Ale – Garagista’s Bittersweet Beer Release

Garagista Beer Co is for sale. We know this, because their latest beer is named for the fact, For Sale Ale. A rather tasty beer, For Sale Ale is, like the occasion it was brewed for, bittersweet. But if you like the beer, if you really, really like the beer, then you can buy the brewery.