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CraftBru Tours offer the very thing we ourselves look for when traveling: craft beer adventures. We love having beautiful beer in beautiful places, and where better than in and around Cape Town, South Africa's craft beer capital?

Who's Who in the CraftBru Zoo

CraftBru Jaco

Jaco, Your Brother in Beer

Tour Director & Guide

Jaco qualified as a Western Cape Tourist Guide in 2017, building on 18 years of travel industry experience in retail travel, hospitality and tours. He has lead numerous groups on adventure expeditions up Mt. Kinabalu and into the jungles of Borneo, and has traveled to 18 countries, if not for beer, then for Ultimate, but often both.

Craft Lou

Craft Lou

Tour Co-ordinator

Lou is an English lass with organising skills honed in the film documentary industry. She has worked on documentaries for NatGeo and BBC, dabbles in photography herself, and is a qualified PADI Dive Instructor with a passion for wildlife. Lou has traveled to 26 countries, loves lists and can expertly start a tuk-tuk on a cold morning.

CraftBru’s pre-history starts with Jaco’s craft beer genesis, which happened in Singapore in 2009. It was during an Ultimate tournament that he encountered a local brewery, Brewerkz, serving their fabled Golden Ale. While inquiring about the source of what turned out to be a life changing beer, he also learned about Singapore’s home-brewing scene. Based in craft beer-devoid Borneo at the time, the only way to expand his craft beer palate and brewing kit was to plan trips and holidays around breweries and home-brewing supply stores.

He was doing just that in 2012 for a trip to South Africa, when he caught a glimpse of his homeland’s rapidly evolving craft beer scene. CraftBru, the website, was founded and initially intended as a brewery bucket list and blog for the trip. But, did he discover on the ground in SA, the local craft beer revolution was actually way ahead of what was apparent on the Internet. He decided to expand CraftBru to help make local craft beer info more accessible, and after returning to Borneo kept pace with South Africa’s craft beer revolution.

Meanwhile Lou was experiencing beer quite differently. Originally from the village of Wylam in Northumberland, many a family pub-night featured the ever-rotating taps of real ale from Wylam’s The Boathouse, just one example of a normal part of growing up in a beer-rich culture. Having studied in Edinburgh, and bartending to pay bills, Lou’s palate was further refined by Scotland’s great alcohol crafters. 

Jaco & Lou -

It was, however, her love for marine animals and nature documentaries that took her to Borneo, which is where, in 2014, she and Jaco met. Something special started brewing and not just because Lou got involved with home brewing. You know what they say about couples that brew together…

The intrepid couple started traveling together, and on one such travel adventure headed to the Western Cape for a Christmas holiday. They enjoyed an epic itinerary predictably peppered with craft breweries. Lou promptly fell in love with South Africa, the landscape, the people and, of course, the beer. A plan was hatched to combine those aspects into their future.

In 2017 Jaco & Lou said goodbye to Borneo and found their way home to South Africa. Here, in addition to continuing the fine tradition of CraftBru’s brewery and festival information, they established CraftBru Tours to provide the local, insightful and fun craft beer experiences beer travelers deserve.

The story continues…

Why Join a CraftBru Tour?

For the love of beer!

Yes! And if you need something a little more substantial, then here's a few compelling reasons why we think you'll enjoy your craft beer experience with us:

  • Small Group Experiences

    We favour small groups for encounters on a more personal level. Our vehicles vary depending on the group size, but our biggest, standard option is a 14-seater minibus, so there’s no crowds to get lost in.

  • Passion & Enthusiasm

    We still get giddy about the brewing process, googly-eyed meeting brewers, and sit on the edge of our seat for beer stories. We’re excited to have you onboard to share in our beer geekery.

  • Qualified Tourist Guides

    Aside from sharing their ever-increasing knowledge and stories of the breweries, beer and surroundings, our guides are qualified and registered Western Cape Tourist Guides, and all our staff are First Aid trained, just in case.

  • Peace of Mind

    Beer tastes better when you’re chilled too, which is why our experiences are risk assessed, we only use NRPT Licensed vehicles, and Passenger Liability insurance is included. The only thing you’re left to worry about is what the real difference is between porter and stout.

  • Professional Designated Driver

    Become a beer guide, they said. It will be fun, they said. Except, you can’t drink! But we wouldn’t want it any other way. Our experienced, professional driver guides do the driving, so you can do the drinking.