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Howzit su, howzit bru! Welcome to

What's CraftBru about? It's a blog, a Bucket List, a passion project.

I fell in love with craft beer in Singapore in 2009, moments after my first sip of Brewerkz' Golden Ale. It got me hooked on craft beer and, mere months later, home brewing too.

This website evolved from that in 2012. I was based in South East Asia at the time, and it originally came to be as a diary to help me map a South African craft beer adventure I had planned for later that year. During that blissful, craft-beer-coloured holiday, I discovered many more breweries than what was apparent on the Internet back then.

I decided to keep the site going to make it easier for other craft beer lovers to discover South Africa's burgeoning craft beer scene too.

Fast-foward 9 years (!) and things have changed once more. Stay tuned.

What's next?

To the Breweries!