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CraftBru Tours

We offer small-group experiences of the Western Cape's craft beer scene for beer tourists and the beer-curious.

Our beer adventures include craft breweries big and small, in locations that vary from spectacular to peculiar, where we meet the passionate people behind the beer, learn a brewing secret or two and taste the fruits of their labour.

Join us for beautiful beers in beautiful places.

A taste of our Craft Beer Experiences

    Hoppenbosch Craft Beer Tour

    Starts at 11:00 am, ends at 5:30 pm

    A taste adventure exploring the breweries that are turning the Stellenbosch Wine Route into the Stellenbosch Beer Route.

    From: R875.00

    Breweries usually featured on this tour: Stellenbosch Brewing CompanyZebonkey BrewerySir Thomas Brewing CoWild Clover Breweries

    Ceres Zipline & Craft Beer Adventure

    A fun day out in the countryside experiencing a feast for the senses through dramatic landscapes, adrenaline spikes and fresh, local craft beer.


    Breweries usually featured on this tour: Ceres BreweryBerg River Brewery

    Private Experiences

    Whether you want an exclusive tour, to include specific breweries or styles of beer, or perhaps want to arrange a party or team-building session, we can make it happen.

    Click for details, see what's possible and then contact us with your requirements. We'll be happy to put an itinerary together for you.

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Plan Your Own Adventure

In addition to offering guided craft brewery experiences in the Western Cape, we continue the fine tradition of our extensive database of South African craft breweries and festivals. We encourage you to discover and enjoy hand-made beer everywhere in the country, so browse our info and roll your own experience.

South African Craft Breweries

CraftBru started in 2012 as a bucket list for one of our own beer holidays, and have been visited by thousands of beer tourists since. From what started as a list featuring tens of breweries, to the one that currently features 215, there’s much to discover.

Craft Beer Festivals

Not far behind the boom in South African craft breweries, is the equally thriving craft beer festival scene. They vary from intimate events with specially produces, creative beers to large scale gatherings with consumption in mind, and a bit of variation in between.

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