Hopped Apple Soda

By Little Wolf Brewery

Like Little Wolf Brewery’s tonic water, their Hopped Apple Soda is a little out of place here on CraftBru. Yet, it’s another alternative crafted beverage offered by this craft beer producer.

Little Wolf Brewery’s Hopped Apple Soda a dry, complex non-alcoholic drink. The apple flavour is obtain from a 100% apple juice base, squeezed from choice Elgin apples. It captures the fresh, crisp apple flavour.

New-world, American hops is then deftly added, bringing a complex tropical fruit nose along with subtle citrus and pine flavours, to balance the overall flavour, leaving you wanting more.



Little Wolf Brewery’s Hopped Apple Soda is lovely by itself over ice, or paired with the tipple of your choice to give it a bit of a kick.


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