Newsletter Sponsorship is a craft beer information web site. Its reason for being is to talk about finding, tasting, brewing and living craft beer. The CraftBru Monthly is a newsletter that complements the web site as a more personal and concise expression of this reason.

The CraftBru Monthly is a compendium that's delivered, as the name suggests, once a month to the email inbox of an ever-growing subscriber base. It's a highlight of the newest content available on the site and, increasingly, newsletter-only content.

The CraftBru Monthly offers an opportunity for sponsorship to related brands who want an intimate engagement with a niche subscriber base that made a conscious choice to receive craft beer news. The sponsorship offers the following brand-exposure opportunities:

♦  Footer appearance in the CraftBru Monthly's “Brought to you by” section;
♦  Branding of's Footer Subscription box for the month of sponsorship;
♦  Branding of's monthly Subscription Pop-up box;
♦  Ever-green presence in the CraftBru Monthly archives;

For further details and a quote to sponsor next month's newsletter, please contact us.


The CraftBru Monthly Newsletter Sponsorship Opportunities