Search for South African craft beer near you

Search For Craft Beer Near You

I feel like I say this every time I say something, but it’s true, the number of South African craft breweries keep growing. The list is still CraftBru’s pride and joy, but large lists are less useful for quickly determining what’s nearby…

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Beer Santa Beery Christmas Giveaway on

Beer Santa Beery Christmas Giveaway

Twas the fortnight before Christmas, and all throughout,
every creature was hoping, to win ale or win stout.
They entered the giveaway, filled in addresses with care,
In the hopes that Beer Santa soon would be there…

A list of homebrewing clubs in South Africa

Homebrewing Clubs

Scratch the itch of a craft beer bug bite, by joining a homebrewing club.  But where oh where in South Africa can you find such a thing? Your Brother in Beer went digging.

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South African Craft Beer Festivals in September

South African Craft Beer Festivals in September

It’s a phenomenon. South African craft beer festivals in September that, like the blossoms of spring, sprout after what was an exceptionally festival arid August. This article, first published in September 2013, has been updated for the exciting month of September 2016.
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