Beer Santa Beery Christmas Giveaway

Twas the fortnight before Christmas, and all throughout,
every creature was hoping, to win ale or win stout,
they entered the giveaway, filled in addresses with care
In the hopes that Beer Santa soon would be there...

Beer Santa's Sack

In December 2016, Beer Santa's sack was brimming with 28 beer gifts that were given away in an epic draw. On 13 December the last CraftBru Monthly Newsletter for 2016 went out, announcing the winners of these fabulously beery prizes.

CraftBru Monthly

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To qualify for this giveaway, you had to

  • be 18 years old or older;
  • be subscribed to the CraftBru Monthly newsletter;
  • provide a South African delivery address in your newsletter profile;
  • do it on or before 7 December 2016;
  • want beer for Christmas;

Terms & Conditions

The Beer Santa Beery Christmas Giveaway was a random-draw giveaway open to anyone on the CraftBru Monthly subscriber list, who had a South African delivery address.

Current subscribers and those who subscribed on or before 7 December (South Africa Time), with a SA delivery address in their subscriber profile, was entered into the draw.

The random draw took place after entries closed on 7 December, between 8 and 12 December 2016. The winners were announced in the December CraftBru Monthly, which was scheduled for 13 December 2016;

Beer Santa doesn't particularly subscribe to the naughty or nice judgmental vibe, but the elves go postal about multiple subscriptions - therefore, for the sake of sanity in Beer Santa's Workshop, only one subscription per person was allowed.

Beer prizes will be delivered directly to giveaway winners by each brewery, so delivery times may vary.

Your address, like your email, will never be used for anything other than the CraftBru Monthly newsletter, or for delivery of prizes, should you win anything. Refer to's Newsletter section in Privacy & Disclosure for further details.