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172 Bernie Street, Kya Sands, Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa
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+27 11 708 2255
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The Inmind Brewing Story

In the early summer of 2014 Inmind Brewing Company came to be.  It followed 2 years of tests, experimentation and research by Head Brewer Vernon and his father, Trevor Prinsloo.

Inmind Brewing Company evolved from their family’s passion for brewing. Fostered by his grandfather’s love of brewing strong ginger beer, Vernon plotted a course encouraged by his dad’s experience of brewing pineapple beer during his student days.

The next level of the family’s brewing evolution is Inmind Brewing Company’s premium quality beer. Brewed with the best available ingredients, it’s made with that enduring love and passion that you can taste in every hand-crafted drop.

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