Northern Cape

Craft Breweries in Northern Cape, South Africa

Northern Cape Province, South Africa

Northern Cape is South Africa’s biggest province by area, and its most sparsely populated. It’s bordered to the south by the Western Cape and to the east by the Eastern Cape, Free State and North West province.

Kimberley  is the capital of the province with a population numbering somewhere in the region of 1.2 million people,  spread across a massive area of 372,000 km².

Northern Cape is famous for Kimberley and its Groot Gat, Kuruman’s Eye, various national parks, the orange river, Namaqualand and the Groot Karoo.

As of yet, I’m not aware of any breweries in this province, making the Northern Cape dry on not just the water front, but on the beer front as well. We keep hoping and will update accordingly.


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