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Free State, South Africa

Free State ranks as South Africa’s 3rd largest province by area and 8th (out of 9) in terms of population, with nearly 3 million people calling it home. The capital and largest city is Bloemfontein.

A favourable climate and geography makes the Free State ideal for agriculture, and so it produces most of South Africa’s grain.

The province is also known as the birthplace of JRR Tolkien, famous for gold and diamond mining, Basotho culture, national parks, the Vredefort Dome crater, facinating historical & prehistorical sites, including San rock art and dinosaur digs, plus African wildlife.

On CraftBru’s provincial count, the Free State is tied with Mpumalanga at the moment with an equal amount of breweries. It is also host to one of South Africa’s notable festivals, the annual Clarens Craft Beer Festival.

Here’s a list of breweries in South Africa’s Free State province.


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