Numerous Philippines craft beer breweries have sprung up across the country in recent years, following the same trajectory of the craft beer revolution elsewhere.

CraftBru’s list of Philippines craft breweries will grow as we discover yet more commercial craft brewers. If you know about a craft brewery which is not listed here, please do tell us about it.

  • Pinatubo Craft Beer

    Angeles City, Philippines

    German Hand-Crafted Beer

  • Crazy Carabao Brewing Co.

    Calabarzon, Philippines

    Freshest & Finest

  • Brewery

    Manila, Philippines

    The Brewery at The Place is a brew pub in Manila, Philippines.

  • Illusion Brewery

    Bakalod City, Philippines

    Illusion Brewery is based in Bakalod City in Western Visayas, Philippines.

  • Nipa Brew Craft Beer Co.

    Manila, Philippines

    Nipa Brew Craft Beer Company is a new kid on the Manila craft beer block.

  • Pedro Brewcrafters

    , Philippines

    Pedro Brewcrafters is another upcoming craft brewery based in Manila, Philippines.

  • Cebruery

    Cebu, Philippines

    The Cebruery is a brewery based out of Cebu, Philippines priding themselves on artisanal, uncompromising and innovative products.

  • Baguio Craft Brewery

    Baguio City, Philippines

    Baguio Craft Brewery is located in Baguio, Philippines about 250km north of Manila.

  • Bogs Brew

    Bacolod, Philippines

    Filipino craft beer from the island of Negros and her famed muscovado sugar.

  • Cebu Brewing Co.

    Cebu City, Philippines

    Cebu Brewing Company is a nano-brewery in Cebu City, Philippines with beer available at Qube Gallery.

  • Monastery

    Cebu City, Philippines

    The Monastery is a food and entertainment venue that brews their own beer in Cebu City, Philippines.

  • Turning Wheels Craft Brewery

    Cebu, Philippines

    Through the passion of brewing beer and the want for drinking fine hand-crafted beers, Turning Wheels Craft Brewery was born.

  • Crows Craft Brewing Co.

    Manila, Philippines

    Crows Craft Brewing Company's mission is to provide consumers with high-quality craft beer.

  • Palawaño Brewery

    Palawan, Philippines

    "To provide the perfect beer for a perfect place such a Palawan" is Palawaño Brewery's stated mission.

  • Joe’s Brew

    Manila, Philippines

    Joe's Brew is a craft brewery in Manila, Philippines.

  • Katipunan Craft Ales

    Manila, Philippines

    Established in 2011, Katipunan Craft Ales' current flagship is Indeo Pale Ale.

  • G Point Smörgåsbord & Bar

    Manila, Philippines

    Great ideas and great beer in in Manila, Philippines

  • Pivo Praha

    Makati, Philippines

    Czech Pilsner craft beer brewed in Makati in Manila, Philippines

  • Craftpoint Brewing Co.

    Manila, Philippines

    Based in Manila, Philippines, Craftpoint has a simple mantra when it comes to craft beer.

  • Fat Pauly’s

    Iligan City, Philippines

    Brewing distinctly different craft beer in Iligan City, Philippines.

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