Durban’s Poison City Brewing Hits Joburg

Durban’s Poison comes to Johannesburg! Poison City Brewing, that is, a Durban based craft brewery and dream-come-true for creators Graeme and Andre. And with their recent launch in Jozi, they’re set to spread the Poison through Gauteng.

The creator duo’s passion for good beer grew during their early adulthood, tasting the beers of the world while traveling Europe, Australia, and the USA. Combined with their love for their home city, Durban, they were driven to create an exceptional craft beer brand that pays tribute to the soul of Durban.

The creators of Durban’s The Poison City Brewing Company, Graeme Bird and Andre Schubert

Relatively new to the market, Poison City Brewing’s beers have nevertheless made a dent in Durban. Their first brew, The Bird lager, was followed by the recently introduced English Pale Ale, The Punk Rocker.

Poison City Brewing in Jozi

For their Joburg launch on 11 August, Poison City Brewing partnered with Posca. Posca is a world-famous marker and illustrator brand, that shares PCBs ethos of non-conformity, creativity, and freedom.

Both PCB and Posca are wildly popular with surfers, skateboarders, musicians, artists, creatives, the unconventional and the edgy.

Damn Vandal, aka Shaun Oakley, Urban street artist and Posca brand ambassador with his graffiti maserpiece at the Poison City Brewing launch at the Bannister Hotel, Braamfontein

The launch venue was the basement of Braamfontein’s The Bannister Hotel, a perfect fit for Poison City Brewing’s gritty, urban appeal.

Guests entered through a side alley and, while enjoying fresh brews from PCB’s mobile bar, witnessed Posca’s brand ambassador, Damn Vandal, graffitiing one of the alley walls.

The pour of intrepid craft beer adventurers then literally went underground, to the basement of the hotel. There they met up with the PCB creators, Graeme and Andre, to learn more about Poison City Brewing, and got cheerfully insulted by the evening’s star attraction, ex-Durbanite, John Vilsmas.

Vilsmas’ cutting-edge, abrasive sense of humour is exactly right for PCB’s real, in-your-face attitude. Together with the underground venue, Posca street art and authentic craft beer, a solid foundation was laid for Poison City Brewing’s push into Joburg.

Watch out for Poison City Brewing craft beer, available in Gauteng from September 2016.

Poison City Brewing Company from Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa