Howzit Su! Howzit Bru!

CraftBru welcomes you.

My name is Jaco, and after too long living in Borneo, I am once again based near Franschhoek, South Africa.

I ended up in Borneo through a series of traveling adventures that started in 1998, Working Holiday Visa to the UK in hand. But that’s a different story, not entirely related to beer.

Yes, beer. What beer taught me about the world is, that like love and dancing, it’s a universal language. In beer – preferably good beer, but that’s not always on the menu – communication barriers and cultural differences dissolve, friendships are forged and the world seems a better place.

Meeting lots of people while drinking plenty of beer in various different places, showed me that we’re all just members of one big family. Every beer shared is an opportunity to strengthen that beer-family bond.

In 2012, during a relatively brief visit home, I “discovered” the fledgling craft beer industry in South Africa. I had my mind blown by all the craft beer adventures that awaited in South Africa’s frothing craft beer scene. The idea of CraftBru was born to map those adventures. The dearth of South African craft beer info back then, helped bring CraftBru to life, as every craft beer drank became a craft brewery mapped and shared.

CraftBru became the embodiment of the discovery of the effervescent, bubbling craft beer industry in South Africa and, as my journey continued beyond our borders one more time, beyond South Africa too.

Now, back in South Africa the adventure continues, rediscovering established breweries that have leaped ahead, and new breweries giving chase. I look forward to meeting you, bru and su, along the way.

Until we face; be welcome my brothers and sisters in beer.

Fratrem Tuum in Cervisia – Your Brother in Beer.