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Cape Town in the Western Cape, South Africa

Summary of the WC Alcohol Harms Reduction Policy

In addition to the national-level Liquor Amendment Bill currently in the public comment phase, is the Western Cape Alcohol Harms Reduction Policy Green Paper, also up for public comment.

Draft liquor act amendmend bill

Liquor Amendment Bill Summary

The draft Liquor Amendment Bill (which will become the Liquor Amendment Act, 2016 should it go through) was published on 30 September 2016 with a 30-day window for comments from the public.

Darling Brew Wins at the National Beer Trophy Awards, Cape Town, South Africa

Darling Brew Wins at National Beer Trophy Awards

Darling Brew clinched two gold awards and a category trophy at the National Beer Trophy Awards held in Cape Town at the end of last month, for beers produced by their ground-breaking craft brewery located in Darling, a small town on the Cape West Coast.

Highlighted Breweries

Meet the Brewer

Meet the Brewer, Apiwe Nxusani-Mawela

Apiwe The Brewster & Her Craft

Apiwe Nxusani-Mawela, synonymous with South Africa’s beer scene, is a craft beer rockstar. As a huge groupie, CraftBru stole backstage to meet her…

Tania & Melanie Nieuwoudt from NieuwBrew in the Cederberg, Western Cape, South Africa

All is Nieuw at CederBrew

You might know of CederBrew because of Chubbyhead Stout, their lady brewers, or a crowd-sourced campaign to help with fees from an unfortunate legal incident. We reached out to meet the CederBrew brewers…

Khanyi with Jwarha - Photo by Nathan John Bezuidenhout

Khanyi Unleashes the Jwarha

With her ear to the fermenter and her nose to snifter, our intrepid craft beer connoisseur, Craft Su, recently picked up fresh vibes eminating from her favourite hangout, Stone Circle Brewery.

Home Brewing

Not the best way to crush spent grain.

Spent Grain Wholemeal Bread Recipe

At some point in every homebrewer’s life, usually shortly after her first all-grain brew, the inevitable question arises: what can I do with spent grain?

Home brew yeast - not just good for beer, hey.

Roosterkoek & Homebrew Beer Yeast

I was having a little braai on Monday instead of cooking – because why not? The decision was made to make roosterkoek instead of the usual braai bread.

Severely improvised hopped for your new grain mill.

Pasta Maker to Grain Mill Conversion

Here’s that promised Pasta Maker to Grain Mill Conversion HowTo.